11 Signs That Your Girlfriend is a Total Nutjob


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There is a rule that most men are aware of – don’t stick your (well, you know) in crazy.

Unfortunately, a pretty serious amount of fellas don’t realize that they are dealing with crazy in the first place, in large part because they are new smoking hot girlfriends are so good at keeping that part of themselves locked away until it is too late.

In order to help you get out of one of these dangerous relationships – or to help you avoid one altogether – we’re going to share with you 12 signs that your girlfriend is a total psycho, the kind of inside information you need to know to save yourself before it’s too late.

1. Does she lose her mind over the smallest of things?


Credit: Flickr.com

If you find yourself with a lady that blows her top over of the smallest of things – we’re talking about super, super small details – the odds are pretty good you’re dealing with a psycho.

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